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    I’m having an issue where even if I create a shortcut from vorpx to run modded skyrim, it ends up giving up and turning off the headset before the game loads. These are long loading times ranging from 1-3min. After that the game loads without any performance issues and can be interacted with. I haven’t figured out how to reattach the headset view back to the game after it loads.

    Is there anyway to increase the timeout vorpx will keep waiting for the game to load before it gives up? Vorpx loads the skyrim launcher and that loads the game. Without any mods on the HD version of the game it does stay in vr between the loader and the main game. The long loading time is after the loader. I can’t bypass the loader because I’m running mods to change animations to stop head bobs and animations to be vr safe.

    I would be happy to increase the timeout or to have the ability to attach vorpx back to a game after it timed out on it. I’m asking here before I start removing the hi def mods to save on initial loading time.

    Any ideas?

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