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    I’m baby fresh new to all of this.

    My Hardware (Laptop)
    MSI GT80S 6QF
    Intel Core i7-6920HQ
    GTX 980 Desktop Class (Dual SLI) 8GB DDR5 (each)
    1TB 7200RPM + 512G SSD (Super Raid)
    32G Ram DDR4

    I’m searching for a guide on here, can’t find anything in the search bar. All I run into is some good stories about it working, some bad about it not working.

    Where are the actual guides for getting started? what to do, what to avoid? some rule of thumb basics? A straight up beginner guide setup? (sort of like Gopher youtube channel with the mods) of course doesn’t have to be youtube, written is fine – though I’ll take youtube if available.

    Any help appreciated thank you.


    Well, usually things differ from games to games, so it’s quite complicated to give basic rules that would work for everything.
    First, after installation, you might want to open Configure Vorpx and read the help you will see there (Essential Hints, 1-2-3 game setup, advanced troubleshooting etc).

    Then see if the game you want to try has optimized settings, and if yes, click optimize settings and apply.

    From my experience, what you should avoid is starting for the first time with too high settings/resolution when the FOV isn’t fixed yet.It made me sick for 2 days the first time (launching a game with 28 fps and 65 fov was the worst idea of my life).
    So yeah, try to fix fov issues (usually higher than 100) beforehand and try low settings/resolution too, this way you can get max FPS for your first time and then can press delete in Game to open the Vorpx menu to try and optimize your experience (I recommend internal resolution settings maximized to 2 when you have enough FPS to spare) and image zoom to 1 (usually I see it at 0.95).
    You can start to optimize graphical settings after you are done with Vorpx settings in game.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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