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    Sorry my english, but it’s not my native language.

    I’m where to ask if any body have tried to play Skyrim (the original 32 bit version, aka Oldrim) in VR with the FOV set to 0 (zero). Yes, I know it’s sounds crazy, whem Vorpx sugest to use a FOV of 110 and the Bethesda default FOV for Skyrim 2D is 75 (or is 65?), but I did this experiment a couple of days a go and I’m just loving the image quality improvements.

    For me, the screen door effect is much, much less noticeable and NPCs, houses, horses, trees, moutains, anything!, are bigger and much more present, like they were of real size! Now, whem “I” walk in the game’s I fell like I am walking in a real world!

    Yes, there is some less field of view, but the loss (for me!) is not dramatic (but the improvements are!). I don’t fell at all the loss of the extra FOV. To say the true, I fell like there is some kind of image distortion (and I hate this!) with high FOV values, especially whem Skyrim is played in a monitor.

    I have changed the FOV settings in skyrim.ini and skyrimprefs.ini to 0, to make the FOV change permanent in VR, but if you want to try just for a moments, you just need to get to the console’s game (press the key bellow ESC key) and enter the command “FOV 00” (without the quotes). To reverse this just enter the command FOV 110.

    You can also try the field of view with any other number. I tried first with 90 and I liked. Them, I tried with lower numbers (75, 60, 40 and 10) and I always liked even more, so I ended with the FOV at zero! A friend of mine, who also plays Skyrim, cames to my house to try the game again in VR and he said that he also like much more the VR experience with the field of view set to zero.

    And I must said that with last Vorpx version (17.3.2), last Steam VR version (it upgrades yesterday, i think) and some others tweaks in VorpX (I think is supersampling set to 2 and sharpness set to 1,75), the VR experience with HTC Vive now makes really worth the money I paid for!

    Disadvantages? The only disadvantage I found is that, because things are bigger and more present, you will notice more easily any delay in image movement, especially when you use higher resolutions with the inevitable lower frames per second (I’m using 1600×1200 in a GTX 980 ti). However, I didn’t find any change in the FPS numbers with FOV set to 110 or set to 0.

    Warning 1 – If you, like me, use Mod Organizer to play Skyrim and want to make a new FOV value change permanent, you must change skyrim.ini and skyrimprefs.ini inside Mod Organizer. To change only skyrim.ini and skyrimprefs.ini in your Documents Skyrim folder’s game it’s not enough.

    Warning 2 – You should always make a backup of skyrim.ini and skyrimprefs.ini before change this files!

    Warning 3 – If you are prone to VR sickness, maybe to use a FOV’s value to low it’s not a very good idea, especially with FPS per lent bellow 45. You should try first with carefull!


    Just to correct to things I said in the previous post…

    The tweaks I use in Vorpx inside Skyrim is Sharpen Amount set to 1,75 and Internal Resolution Upscale set to 2,0.

    Sorry my mistake.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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