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    Hi all,

    Been a while since I’ve been posting. Been doing more playing than talking for a change.

    Some may remember a few months back, I did a post/series of posts on Skyrim and the Titan XP. My system consisted of the Titan, a 4790k clocked to 4.8ghz and 2400 mhz ram fed by SSD’s in Raid0 and I was able to mod Oldrim pretty extensively and get playable performance at high resolutions.

    Finally I have been able to upgrade to a Kaby Lake 7700K which I have clocked to 5ghz on a Z170 Maximus with the normal bios upgrade (for Kaby) and am running 4266mhz TridentZ ram. Although I haven’t spent time getting hard numbers, I wanted to pass on some of my experiences and conclusions thus far.

    First of all, there has been a metric ton of blather about Kaby and how it’s just a higher clocked Skylake. And that is true. However, what all the tech guys seemed to have missed out on is that Kaby’s memory controller can handle some seriously stupid fast ram. And guess what benefits VR/VorpX better than anything I have yet found? Fast ram.

    I noticed a significant boost to performance running Skyrim under VorpX back when I did the Titan posts, moving from 1600/1866 DDR3 to 2400Mhz DDR3. Outside of VR, the increase holds as well and Digital Foundry and others verified that open world games like Fallout/Witcher/Skyrim/GTA do in fact see serious benefit that scales as speed goes up. The old wisdom no longer applies at least in open world games. Those textures moving in and out benefit from faster ram speed.

    Since going to my new setup, I have been able to shut off fluid sync and no longer have stutter/’flashback’ issues when doing it at 1920×1440 and 1.4 SS. Framerates stay mostly above 45 with a 100 mod loadout and gameplay is smooth. This was impossible before.

    So basically, I just wanted to let you all know that yes, faster ram is a good thing. Run the fastest your CPU/motherboard can handle and you WILL have a more enjoyable experience. Oh…and the added 200 mhz on the clock is nothing to sneeze at either and only benefits the process as Sky/Fallout are CPU bound and clock sensitive games to begin with.


    Yeah I’ve noticed this myself, its well worth the investment if FPS is an issue within Skyrim/Fallout4

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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