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    Loved skyrim in VR, but lately I’ve been modding the shit out of Skyrim SE and using VorpX to play it in 3D. Wow. I hazzard to say its actually far better than Skyrim VR. The graphics you can pull off these days is unbelievable.


    *Virtually* all graphic mods also work on Skyrim VR – I have nearly 200 installed with no issues – plus you can use an ENB


    So far no actual reason to intervene here, so just in case, out of experience: please keep any “Skyrim VR” vs “Skyrim vorpX” discussion civil. Those seem to have a tendency to escalate.

    Skyrim VR is great and a perfectly valid choice, but apparently there are still some people who prefer to use Skyrim plus vorpX for individual reasons, which neither makes them idiots nor does it invalidate anyone’s choice of Skyrim VR over vorpX. The same is true vice versa, of course. So no reason for potential flame wars at all.

    True Northmen argue about the next country to pillage, not about the right way to play Skyrim with a VR headset! ;)


    Oh I enjoy both. The thing I guess I wasn’t getting across in my original post which makes it better for me in VorpX is that fact that I can play in VorpX in Cinema mode which lets me run the game at much lower FPS tolerably. I can usually tolerate a 30fps for slow paced games like skyrim, which lets me mod the crap out of the game and make it look utterly stunning graphically. For those of us who don’t have a $2000 video card from the future, this is great. I’m pretty sure the way I have it modded would drive almost any video card into the ground. And you don’t want to sacrifce those 90fps you need for head movement in real VR.


    I’m probably the most untypical Skyrim user ever, so nothing anyone has to care about when deciding what they want to use, but I actually still fairly often wander around near Whiterun in the original DX9 Skyrim for 10 minutes after a long day of work, marveling at northern lights (alternatively slaying a bunch of wolves if it was a bad day). Never could warm up to the odd colors of the Special Edition.

    Was one of the first things I did with vorpX about eight years ago before it was even called vorpX, and will probably also be one of the last things I’ll do with it at some point.

    Funny enough I never really played the game except for the first five hours or so although I loved Morrowind and Oblivion before and wanting to play Skyrim on my pre-Rift DIY VR headset was one of the major driving forces behind starting with what later became vorpX. Working with the game on a regular basis for a fairly long time somehow spoiled playing it for me in the end.


    I’ve never fully finished skyrim, but I’ve started it exactly 8 times, and have about 400 hours in it. This time I’m determined to see it through. And its just so gorgeous now, I think I will.
    Plus all the sneaking, rope climbing, back stabbing, extra dark mods I’ve installed make it oh so suspenseful.

    Mine Mine

    I have 237.3 hours in Skyrim VR and love it – especially wielding a bow. It feels like firing a real bow I once owned felt. What I don’t like about Skyrim VR is melee. SE has such cool animations for the player that, of course, the VR version doesn’t have. I shudder to think what I look like flailing around frantically with my sword.

    So finally I’ve purchased Vorpx to play SE in VR – after adding the coolest combat and idling / walking / running animations. If I can’t get it to look good I’ll play it in Cinema mode – though more likely in Virtual Desktop. In VD I can adjust the cinema screen to fill my field of vision. Maybe I can do that in Vorpx but I only got the program a few hours ago.

    Ralf’s right though. People should be free to express their love for a particular way of playing a game without a flame war erupting.

    That’s my two septims worth.


    Funny, i love Bethesda games so much. I played Fallout 4 several times, many hundret of hours, loved Oblivion but for some stange reason i was through Skyrim within just a few days. Perhaps i expected abit too much from the game, perhaps i didnt like the same voices on every corner, donno. The graphics werent kicking as promised from reading through the web,too somehow.

    can you give us a list of those 30 Mods that work with vorpx ? ( May save some time with experimenting )


    VorpX is the best vr purchase I’ve made. (I’ve purchased twice, and still feel like I’ve underpaid). That being said, with my *personal* experience, for actual VR, I’ve had better luck with SkyrimVR. With VorpX i’ve had issues with the image seeming stretched, and my arms seemed skinny and curved in front to regular size.. and it just didn’t seem very clear. However, I am very open to the idea that I just didn’t know how to configure it correctly for Skyrim. I have had very little issue with SkyrimVR, but there are some comfort settings which were added for the VR version, which I wish were not present. For those of us with strong “VR legs”, it detracts from the experience. Example, when you mount a horse in SkyrimVR, rather than mounting the horse, it fades to black, then switches to a view with you on the horse.

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