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    Hi! I tried to play *Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition* with a G3D profile. Can’t remember if i downloaded it from the cloud – it’s blue colored.

    This profile has one big issue – it looks like a Z3D halo that is applied to foreground subjects, but it’s not centered, instead it’s displaced uniformly to the right from the viewers perspective. It’s as if there’s a mask overlay that is not aligned properly.

    Don’t know if i managed to explain it good enough – can’t show it in screenshots sadly. Do you know what that could be? Can i fix this myself in the authoring tool? I’m quite the noob regarding shaders and complex 3D stuff, but i could try.


    Kinda sounds like your playing in Z3D mode. I’ve seen a few cases where Z3D alignment is off center as you describe, sometimes upside down. For that I just search for alternative Z3D profiles that work better.

    I don’t have Sleeping Dogs, but for most dx11 games I first try profile copies of The Hunter Call of the Wild, Unity 5 base, and Flight Simulator X – which often gives Z3D. G3D would take more work.

    I’ve noticed one case where dlss can cause this issue, and a couple others where custom or odd resolutions are used. Fullscreen vs windowed as well as different anti aliasing modes can occasionally affect Z3D also. Most of the time it won’t matter, but some games need specific settings.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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