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    I’ll preface this by saying that I think what vorpX is doing is great. I have been wanting to purchase it before even having my Vive. Since getting my Vive a week and a half ago I have been pretty blown away with the experience to be had. Playing Minecraft in VR has even been quite spectacular for a non-VR game with hacked in Vive support.

    Now after buying vorpX and trying it out with Fallout 4 tonight I have been a little disappointed. I followed the guides on which settings to use for the best experience and it was neat but it wasn’t the same. I know people have said before that you aren’t going to beat the experience that can be had in a game that was made from the ground up to support VR, but people have been ranting and raving about vorpX. Maybe it’s because they’re mostly Oculus users that have yet to experience roomscale games? Not that I’m trying to knock Oculus or seated experiences as I have a Rift on preorder as well and haven’t tried Eve Valkyrie yet.

    It’s just that with Fallout 4, and what I assume is to be expected for most of these experiences with vorpX, is a standard non-VR game that maps mouse-like movement to your headset with some 3D monitor-like effects thrown in. I found myself just keeping my head still and using the mouse to move around like I would have without a headset on because it was more convenient than using my head as the mouse. For not really gaining that much in terms of experience I lost so much in terms of playability, mainly readability of text and usability of hud elements.

    The experience I was having did not feel like VR. Coming from the roomscale experiences with the Vive that I was having I couldn’t help but feel sort of disappointed. Maybe I’m expecting too much of the VR experience to be had with games not made for VR.


    If you want, you can also play standing with a gamepad. That’s a nice middle ground between playing seated and room scale VR and adds a lot to the being there impression if you have the stomach for controller based locomotion while standing. This works best in Geometry 3D mode which also has positional tracking. Be aware though that in Fallout 4 G3D requires an extremely fast GPU to work at a high enough frame rate.

    What vorpX cannot do is changing the basic gameplay mechanics of a game. A first person open world game like Fallout 4 always will be a first person open world game, whether you play it with vorpX or on a monitor.

    I would argue though that actually and quite literally being inside a game world that you can only see on a flat screen in front of you otherwise is VERY different from a normal monitor gaming experience. Room scale or not, there is no comparison.

    A little bit more “room scale feeling” *might* (emphasis on might) be added to particular games in the future, but even with that the game would still be basically the same game, of course.


    I am having fun with VorpX and Fallout 4. What i think is missing and would make all the difference in the world is tracked controllers with the ability to aim independently from where you look. Not that that is something VorpX can or should do, its a completely different problem.

    It looks to be in the works for GTA V. So thats cool.

    I also cant wait to get my Omni and “walk” around the wasteland.


    @Ralf That’s a good idea to try standing and using a gamepad. That might be a little more natural feeling for looking around the environment. I do also agree that it is still different of an experience than you have with just a monitor if the usability of text and hud elements was a little bit better. I couldn’t even read anything towards the edge of my HMD since it would get kind of blurry and chromatic aberration. It normally isn’t an issue because you’d just move your face but in this case the hud elements just move with your face so you aren’t able to just move your face to see them.

    I backed the KS for the Omni Virtuix too. It would definitely feel more natural of a control/movement scheme and help to enhance that VR experience!


    In Fallout 4 you have all options that vorpX provides in regard to HUD handling. You can scale it to fit your needs (image page of the ingame menu) and/or use the EdgePeek function (press the mouswheel). This is also mapped to one of the thumbsticks when using the gamepad emulation IIRC.

    If you have a really fast PC you can also try higher resolutions than the recommended one (e.g. 1600×1200). For Fallout 4 I wouldn’t really recommend that though. It’s a highly demanding game.


    I forgot to try out the EdgePeek and didn’t try scaling the HUD either. I will try both of those. I have a 980 Ti and was trying out some different resolutions. It kind of seemed like in fullscreen it wanted to keep the resolution or aspect ratio of my monitor when I was attempting to set a custom resolution in the txt file. It should have been set to borderless windowed mode too from the changes made to the text file but I don’t know if it was. Maybe I will manually also set it to windowed mode and all that will work. I’ll try out your recommended 1600×1200 resolution. I think I saw people recommending some 1280×1440 resolution for vorpX games.


    It’s definitely not the same experience as the full VR games but that’s fine with me. I was struggling with having this $800 piece of technology that I only play once or twice a week because of the trouble of setting it up and lack of real games. I bought vorpx and started testing a bunch of games out (which is fun in itself). I finally settled on COD Advanced Warfare which I picked up on a Steam sale but never started. I’m almost done with the campaign and have been BLOWN AWAY!!! I couldn’t take the head tracking as you mentioned…it didn’t add enough and actually made things more difficult for me. I switched it to cinema mode, zoomed to -1 so it’s like i’m sitting in the front row, disabled head tracking, and away I went. It’s not as immersive but going from that to playing on my regular monitors is night and day. It’s defintely worth the price of admission and adds so much functionality to my Vive. My only issue is how much tinkering each game takes…it’d be nice if it was truly plug and play. That’s the downside of being on the cutting edge though…a sacrifice I’m happy to make for the return.

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