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    Good day!
    Have serious problem using vorpx.
    There is graphic and sound glitches when starting games via vorpx. It looks like using PS2 emulator on old PC. Sound intarupted and video freezy. Tryed hardware hungry projects and very simple one.
    What should i do? Need to install smthg or uninstall may be? Launch oculus home manualy before vorpx?
    osulus cv1
    win7,core i5, ram 8 gb,gtx 1070


    For better image quality, please adjust the resolution that you run games with. Official suggestions are: 1280×1024, 1600×1200 or 1920×1440 based on game performance.

    1920×1400 would result in image quality like native apps. BUT: for a fluid VR experience, you need to make sure that games run at 45fps. That should your primary concern when adjusting resolution and detail settings.

    Not sure about your performance problem. In Geometry 3D mode you may see a performance drop of up to 66% compared to playing the same game on your monitor since everything has to be rendered twice and some additional overhead. You can enhance performance by lowering a game’s resolution and/or detail settings or switching to Z-Buffer 3D if a game supports both 3D modes. Z3D doesn’t look as good, but is a lot faster.


    I played native vr projects like “project cars:pagani” demo version. Useing ultra peset 1280*720 with 8xAA – prety good and smooth performace.
    When i lauched “evolve” it`s awful. i changed all switchers to low, 640*480 resolution, even turned off 3d mode leaveing just virtual theatre with no inviroment. i still see freezy picture and sound glitches. when i turning head picture jumping even if headtracking off.
    When i exit game and return to oculus home screen all start work normal: sound, picture, headtracking.
    it`s loock like some software problems. M.b. vorpx works better in win 8 or win 10.
    m.b. it coflict with smtg. i read that vr drivers dont like overlays (skype, shadowplay, steam).
    m.b i had to install some win updates (i turned off autoupdate)
    I saw many videos on youtubeand there were no broblems.
    VR set conncetr as it meant – only usb 3.0 native mb ports

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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