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    I think I posted this a while ago, but there is a small typo on the “Oculus Touch Settings” screen after hitting “del” key.

    There are 2 lines with

    Sensativity Right X

    I think the second one should be “sensativity Right Y”.

    Thanks Ralf


    Found something else that doesn’t seem right. I have been playing lots of different games with vorpx recently and went back to black mesa this morning. I had the profile set up to change resolution to 1920p and an AHK script to change my desktop to 1920p before launching bms (since you can’t change resolution in game). This seemed to work fine for a while. Something got screwed up and bms would crash upon launching. So I figured I would start over, so I reset the profile, reset settings under troubleshooting reset computer and started again. This time bms did load up and I was in VR mode, but when I pulled up the profile settings, I see that 1920p was still selected. I thought it would go back to 1280p (I thought that was the default). Am I doing something wrong.

    I also saw in some other threads (bioshock) that positional tracking was not working right. I too see that sometimes, meaning when I move my head nothing really happens in the vr world. I then turn off posiitonal tracking and strangly the world seems to move when I move my head. Isn’t that the opposite of what is suppose to happen. Thanks


    Bioshock: there are two flavors of positional tracking. The default positional tracking that is theoretically possible with every G3D game and DirectVR positional tracking. If available DirectVR positional tracking is a bit better since it changes the position of the actual game camera, but if you encounter any issues with it, just disable it on the DirectVR page of the vorpX menu. The default G3D pos tracking will still be available in Bioshock.

    What you could also try is re-running the scanner if that happens. In Unreal Engine 3 games the memory addresses for DirectVR can become invalid over time. Usually not within the same level, but maybe sometimes they still do, can’t rule that out entirely.

    Black Mesa res: the resolution isn’t set by DirectVR in this game, hence resetting the profile doesn’t change it. You have to set it manually.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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