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    Only way to install hook helpers it seems is to wait for vorpx to fail to hook, then try to choose right one, then wait again.

    That first of all is quite tiresome for something that could be done by simply copying and deleting a dll file.

    Secondly Ive encountered a problem with this method: I have a game, well two of them actually where for some reason normal hook method still works as a hook but disabled G3D suddenly after 1st launch. Only way to get it back was to hook via dll but here is a problem – game hooks both with normal and alternative way but shows no 3d meaning I couldnt get the window with option to choose hook helper.

    I solved this by copying dll hook helpers from other games, but having them all available in vorpx folder or having a button in profile selector to install hook helpers manually would be a quality of life improvement.


    If you need hook helpers for several games, I’d strongly recommend to check for potentially interfering programs instead. On a system without any conflicting application they should be almost entirely unnecessary (except for Red Dead Redemption 2 since a recent nVidia driver update).

    While great care is taken to keep track of hook helpers, even if copied manually, to allow a clean uninstall, I’d like to keep their usage to an absolute minimum for a host of reasons. Brute force DLL overrides are not exactly a desirable way to hook into a program IMO, hence officially hook helpers can only be installed via the trouble shoot dialog if necessary.

    A hooking conflict with some other program might also be the reason for your 3D problem. The vorpX control app never does a normal hook attempt when it detects a hook helper, regardless whether it was installed or copied over manually. Was fairly obvious that someone would try the latter, so the control app always double checks whether a hook helper is present.


    Fair points, but if there was a folder in vorpx root where all injection dlls would be and someone would manually use them responsibility would lie on the user, not you…unless you know people break their shit themselves and still come to bug you about it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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