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    first off, thanks for great software.

    I’m currently playing Skyrim SE with VorpX and have some problems with Positional VR and smithing. When player activates the forge or tempering grinding stone, game seems to move player to another spot. However, this spot is usually off the map or inside the walls.

    One solution is to turn Positional VR (or Direct VR) off temporarily while you do crafting. However, there are two problems:
    1) there is no hotkey for Positional VR
    2) I can’t rebind Direct VR hotkey to VorpX Shift+middle mouse quick menu

    If I try to set the hotkey for quick menu the key binding looks like: A|B which I assume is Alt+B. Shortcut does not activate anything so I assume it’s read only by Skyrim. Is it possible to use these hotkeys as options in VorpX quick menu?

    Is there any chance for Positional VR hotkey to be added in the software?

    I made a video which shows the problem:
    VorpX Skyrim SE Positional VR

    * 00:11 Positional VR on. Using crafting table pushes player character inside the walls/ground.
    * 01:20 Positional VR off. You can rotate around the tanning rack but this is ok as character does not get stuck.
    * 01:43 Direct VR off. Crafting works normally.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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