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    Hello, new vorpx user here,

    I am trying to play Oblivion with mouse and keyboard(tried with 360 game pad but it’s a mess since oblivion wasn’t coded to use gamepads). I am using oculus go with ALVR. I have a few problems :

    – the mouse wheel doesn’t work inside game menus to scroll through inventory when vorpx is active. If I launch the game without vorpx, wheel is working fine.

    – every time I start oblivion with vorpx, it seems I have to redo a directVr scan, is that normal ? The fov and other things are reset.

    – every time I use the ingame vorpx menu with DEL and when I exit the menu, the game controls are messed up. I have to alt-tab out of the game then alt-tab back to it. For example, the character is moving backwards without pressing any key, or the character is casting spells until mana is emptied, or moving forward is extremely slow, etc..

    – I would like to activate antialiasing, but oblivion asks me to restart the game. But when I restart, I have to redo a directVR scan, which disables antialiasing. So I am stuck with antialiasing disabled..

    Anyone knows any solution to these problems ? I am not sure which problems might come from ALVR or VorpX.

    Thanks in advance !


    The wheel is blocked intentionally in Oblivion since during normal gameplay it switches between first and third person, which messes up the FOV. The block is there to protect against that. No wheel scrolling in menus is the lesser evil in this case.

    The rotation scan has to be done every time since the memory location for the camera rotation is different for each launch.

    FOV: IIRC there is a mod that can change it more permanently than vorpX can.

    Not sure about your controls glitch, sorry. Never encountered something like that.

    You can enforce AA in your graphics driver control panel instead of using the ingame AA. That’s actually better for Oblivion anyway since it allows you to use AA and HDR rendering together, which isn’t possible with the ingame AA.


    Thanks for the answers,

    would it be possible to tell me how I could unlock the mouse wheel ? Because without it the menus are VERY tedious. I will remove third/first person switch in the control options to make sure I don’t use it.

    I will enable AA from nvidia drivers !



    Might not work or conflict (maybe not) but if the menu can also be operated with for example the cursor keys maybe you can remap the mouse wheel to cursors keys with a key mapper and hope the key mapper prevails over the fact that the wheel is switched off.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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