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    Soul Reaver 2 (DgVoodoo2 v 2.6) – G3D/Z3D

    In G3D mode, game has relatively low depth because of HUD beeing too close too the viewer. Alternatively use Z3D mode. – Of corse you can still gain depth in G3D mode, but with sligtly loosing HUD and menus out of sight.

    DGVoodoo2 v 2.6 required
    – Tested with retail v 1.02
    – VorpX shortcut required
    – Z3D is default setting
    – Profile available at the cloud


    Hello! I have a problem with this game, it is my first game with dgvoodoo. First of all what is Vorpx Desktop? And second, when I copy all the x86 files it tells me to delete the d3d9, do I delete it? Do I have to copy and also run dgvoodoocpl.exe? My question is a bit difficult but I am lost and I would love to play your dgvoodoo profiles. Thank you very much Rjk!


    I do not know what you mean by “VorpX Desktop”.

    Though, all you need to do is the following:

    -Use DGVoodoo2 2.6
    -Copy d3drm.dll, d3dimm.dll, dgvoodooCPL.exe and dgvoodoo.conf into the folder with the games exe.
    -Run dgvoodooCPL.exe and under DirectX choose 1024MB or 2048MB Ram and if the game does not support high resoultions, use “force resolution”.
    – Make a Vorpx Shortcut to the game (click on Vorpx icon->shortcut)
    – Start game through shortcut


    Thank you very much Rjk !! I made a mistake, I meant I didn’t know what Virtual Shortcut was. A friend has taught me to upload your dgVoodoo profiles, and with your advice, it’s great, I’m very grateful for your attention. Then I will make a donation to support your work and dedication to Vorpx. thank you!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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