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    I get a great 3d effect but, the shadows don’t render 3d so they kind of hang in front of all the objects.

    The graphic settings of the game, I don’t see any way of turning off the shadows, is there anyway vorpx can disregard the shadow rendering or get this part fixed?
    Due to this problem, I cant really use it, kind of makes my eyes crosseyed


    I’ll revisit the game before the next update and will fix or disable shadows if possible. At least the latter is possible in most, but not all, cases.


    ok, great – its the only thing that is holding me back from using it to fly my creations!



    Hmm, did you do anything special to get Space Engineers to work with VorpX?
    For me, when I start Space Engineers via steam with VorpX running (and watching) – the game starts on the Rift, but as a normal monitor.
    Its -one- image and there is no VorpX menu.

    I tried making a shortcut for SpaceEngineers.exe (both 64 and 32 bit) via VorpX but executing that as administrator – same effect as starting via steam.

    Other games, such as Skyrim, work just fine with VorpX and it “hooks” right into it.
    My Space Engineers is vanilla shader wise; I only have some workshop models in the game.

    My Issue in short:
    – game starts on the oculus, but VorpX doesn’t hook/inject into it (no VorpX Menu)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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