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    Here is my profile after messing around in Deathwing for a bit. Only tested on the Enhanced Edition.

    Space Hulk: Deathwing – EE (G3D)

    Works pretty well, but is a little performance heavy. So far I have only tested the first few levels, but most should be in working order.

    – use a 16:9 resolution (1920×1080)
    – set FOV slider to max 90 in game options
    – use Medium settings, with view distance and shadows on Low
    – turn Off motion blur
    – set Head bobbing to low in gameplay options

    *Adjustable HUD
    *Edgepeek and disable 3D when reading map
    *Tested on HP Reverb with mouse and keyboard


    Cheers for this, just got it as it was on sale, changed some settings to get it how i like it, looks and plays really good, my settings below, i play using a Rift S and xbox controller, with a 6700xt.

    Resolution set to 2560 x 1400 (for some strange reason i have to set my desktop display to 2560 x 1400 for the game to play in that resolution, without doing that the game only gives me a choice of 3 resolutions all of which look crap in the headset, never had to do that in any other game, weird)

    Image zoom – 0.78

    Under the “more stereo 3d settings” i put “main eye” to Right and “3d fov enhancement” to 0.50

    Head tracking sensitivity to 0.55

    Clarity (fidelity fx) – Full
    Sharpen amount – 2.00
    Texture detail enhancement – 2.00
    G3D shadow treatment – Auto

    Override xbox gamepad – Partial (have to use middle mouse button for edgepeek as clicking the right analogue stick does nothing, pad works for everything else)

    Really cool game in VR.


    Thanks for posting this profile, dellrifter22! I’ll give it a shot.


    I did quite a few videos of this last November and in March this year. I found it plays great in VorpX and really enjoyed the “Aliens” kinda vibe

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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