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    I think one the things that can help to make a better experience with the Rift in older FPS is the posibility to adjust the speed of the player and NPC, I mean slowing down things a little could be a good thing.  Because if the Rift if so inmersive I think it makes sense to think that when you were there in the game (and Carmack said something similiar en past E3) you want to make the experience a little more explorative and that at 100 km/hour  can`t be done in a enjoyable way (unless that the game is a flying or car simulator). Adding to that that controler schemes will be more natural to (name it “gun/hand/body tracking”…)

    so  will vorpX support some kind of tweak in order to enable the user to adjust that kind of mechanics (speeds) or is something is far from the vorpx scope?  Thanks.


    PD: I hope that the idea has been understood, English is not my native language


    Unfortunately that is outside the scope of vorpX, since it would require specific memhacks for every game, which isn’t such a great idea anyway for many reasons.

    And while I would agree that exploration style games with a slower pace are better suited for  the Rift, no doubt about that, faster games like Quake etc. are still fun.


    I see…

    well thanks anyway.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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