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    Spellforce (DGVoodoo2 WIP58) – G3D

    This game is a bit tricky to use but this is the only way to get it rendered in 3D. Please follow instructions below carefully otherwise game will not run properly. The game will look good in 3D but while zooming some objects appear partly 2D. (no chance to fix that). For some reason the game goes into background sometimes, so bring it back with ALT+TAB.

    – requires DGVoodoo2 WIP58 or higher
    – Rename the wrappers D3D9.dll to v3d9.dll
    – put a copy on windows/system32 and SYSWOW64 folder
    – Run Spellforce one and make your settings or edit config.lua manually
    – HEXEDIT Spellforce.exe replace any d3d9.dll with v3d9.dll
    – make a shortcut to spellforce.exe and add -window at the end of the line
    – DO NOT klick options while wrapper is in use ! (game will crash)
    – Profile available at the cloud

    Tipp: For higher resolutions add below “Sreenresolution” = (), (example) WindowWidth = 3200, WindowHeight = 1800,



    I’m pretty new to the VR and VorpX world so it seems I have a lot to learn to get things working, but I tried to follow your guide to make this game works.
    First, I don’t play the original Spellforce game, but the Platinum Edition on steam, I don’t know if there are any differences.

    So I first thought I did all the step right, but in fact, I can’t get DGVooDoo working with the game (followed some basic guide about it to have the watermark shown, but it doesn’t, so I guess I don’t install it correctly).
    Could you please redirect me to a more newbie friendly guide about this or explain me how to make it work please? I can’t even figure out what DGVoodoo does from their website or the main topic here.
    On the positive side, I learned to use an HEXeditor software =D
    Also, I don’t get the part with the -windows when creating a shortcut. I think I have already seen something similar long time ago, but can’t figure out now where to add argument to modify how a software is launched.
    Also, I’m using Windows 10.

    Also, the Vive Index having a 1600*1400 resolution, is it useful to set the game at a higher resolution than that?

    Thank you for your work anyway, from what I see, you do a lot for the community here and I’m sure other guide from you will greatly help me.


    The above has been tested with windows 7 and the retail version only and with an older VorpX version, so steam and win10 may not work at all. Sometimes newer VorpX dont work either. Best if you try to get DGVoodoo2 to work first. The game may also noz work with the latest DGVoodoo2, make shure you download the version i mentioned above.To get the wrapper working in DX9 with spellforce 1 one important thing is to put the renamed dll (v3d9.dll) into the windows system32 and syswow64 folder. For other DX9 games you can put the dll in the game folder. Make shure you replaced EVRERY d3d9.dll with v3d9.dll in the games exe.

    A shortcut can be made by rightclicking on desktop, create new shortcutan and find the games exe. Then open the new shortcut with a rightclick and add -window at the end of the path to the exe.

    The highest resolution your PC can take is always the best one exept HUD or other elements appear too small on your HMD.

    Please note, VorpX DGVoodoo support is experimental only, so DGvoodoo2 can fail at any time with VorpX.


    Thank you for the quick answer!

    Thing is the .58 version of DGVoodoo2 is not available on their website, they go go directly from the .55 to the .60 version in their old releases section.
    I tried with the .60 version without success as you described it. (Just to be sure, I used the D3D9 in the MS\x86 folder of DGVoodoo2, since I doubt the game was 64bit, and put the dgvoodoocpl.exe on the game folder)

    Also about the shortcut, that’s what I wanted to do, but Windows show an error saying the path can’t be found if I add -window at the end (tried inside the “” and outside).

    Well, I think I will pass on this game on vorpx. Windows 10 and the platinum version may be different. A shame since I needed 100h to finish the first campaign and still have the last 2 to do xD

    Thank you for the tips on resolution, so basically the question is to know what is the max resolution the graphic card can handle with enough FPS, The HMD will then downscale it working as the supersampling option of some games.


    Thank you for the download.
    I got something new this time. When I launch the game, I got a black screen, my monitor loosing the signal and then reconnect under 5 sec. The game doesn’t launch.

    If I understand well, DGVoodoo is like an emulator using an old card to play old game on new rig isn’t it? But the steam version do run on new rigs so maybe the game was altered already to do so? Like when we buy a game on GoG that is modified to be playable even if it’s like 25years old.

    Maybe that’s why I don’t succeed to use DGVoodoo with a steam game?
    Well, I think I will just play the game on my monitor, quality is still better that the index for flat things, and with summer coming, having the HMD on the head for hours will be torture.


    I can not say how much i dislike *St#$ßf%#! for their arrogance, but thats another story. *Pride comes before a fall*

    I tested the “steam” version this evening and unfortunately the game will not run with DGVoodoo2, no matter what version.

    Best if you look around at ebay perhaps for the retail game. The game should be really cheap there.

    *Retail games 4ever


    I will pass on this one, here it would be really hard to find it, and a quick search showed me a price really too high for an old game like this (30€ lul). I could get it from some obscur way like the first time I played 15 years ago but it isn’t worth it now.

    Thank you for the help anyway! I’ll keep the Headset for others games, just got a big discount on Skyrim VR, so the next few months will probably be for modding :D


    Not shure if they mail to outside of germany, you may check this seller (only a few cent)

    Links dont seem to work at the moment: enter rebuy.de and look for spellforce-platinum-edition

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