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    is it possible to separate the input of the headtracking into games? i know there is a function where vorpx intercepts gamepad input for the purpose of keyboard inputs but i was wondering if it is or would be possible in a future version for the headtracking to be switched from inputting to the mouse control and be switched to a, i guess “game controller” input so it could be bound to another axis to be used as a pseudo-hat switch for free-looking in games that have it without overriding or obstructing mouse inputs


    If I understand you correctly, that is already possible. You can emulate a gamepad axis with vorpX by following the steps below.

    Just be aware that this does not work as good as mouse emulation. Gamepad input is filtered quite heavily by most games, so you usually end up with pretty high latency and other issues. I would recommend to do this only if necessary, for example in racing games that do not have mouselook.

    1. Press [DEL] to open the in-game menu
    2. Go to Input page
    3. Set ‘Handle Gamepads Internally’ to Off
    4. Set ‘Headtracking as Gamepad’ to Relative or Absolute depending on the game. You should get a grasp of what is better quickly.

    If this is done, the head tracker is now a gamepad axis. The final step is to go to the game’s input options and map look left/right/up/down to the ‘Rift-Gamepad-Axis’, exactly as you would do with a real gamepad.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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