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    My previous post appears not to have been accepted. Apologies if this is a double post.

    I’m having an issue with Splinter Cell Chaos Theory. When choosing either of the Z3D modes, I get the effect that I usually see for opengl games when choosing those modes (SCCT does not support G3D). By this I mean, what’s on the screen is completely unreadable with horizontal lines top to bottom, if that makes sense. My understanding is that SCCT uses dx9, so I’m surprised by this behavior. The screen is normal when 3D is turned off.

    I had it working well prior to the latest vorpx update & prior to building a new PC. I see either of those events as the potential source of the issue here & I’m looking for help narrowing it down.

    This is of particular interest to me because I have the game working (mostly) in 1st person and plan to write up a little guide to get it working with vorpx. It’s really quite something to be able to visit this game world in VR from a 1st-person perspective. I imagine some vorpx users may find it enjoyable.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


    I figured it out. It’s the sharpness setting. I believe the sharpness setting is broken/bugged for some games on this latest version of vorpx. I noticed it when firing up Far Cry 2 and attempting to turn up the sharpness. I immediately closed that out and jumped into SCCT and sure enough, turning sharpness all the way down fixed the issue. I also noticed it on DXHR the other night when switching from G3D to Z3D. I’m not sure if other games are impacted.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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