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    Here’s a video of the game running in first person: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aEkscEFjgcU

    Instructions in the video description. Be sure to use the 2nd file with the mouse fix, otherwise left & right look will be different than up & down, which is awful.

    Gave it a spin earlier. It works with Z3D. Looks there’s a profile. It’s optimized for cinema mode but you can tweak things to be more comfy for first person. For example, I’d reset the 2D fov enhancement back to zero. Haven’t nailed down a good fov, but I’d probably have it somewhere between 100-110 while running a 4:3 resolution like 1600×1200.

    The big barrier for me is the frequent need to pop out to 3rd person for many of the interactions. I have that mapped to middle mouse button along with edge peek for Vorpx, so it works in tandem, but I may just finish this play through on the monitor. Still, one thing vorpx excels at is giving us a chance to see our favorite games from a new perspective, even if you don’t plan to do a whole playthrough.

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