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    @Ralph,finally i installed my Rift cv1. I used the setup from the oculs site.Installation went flawlessley. The i used the webinstaller from Vorpx to have the latest version.I installed Vorpx on my c: drive. The game is on e: drive here i installed Oculus app.
    I was using voprx with DK2 for a year with no problems.
    Now when i start vorpx the message can not initialize Rift shows up.
    In the Vorpx setup screen i only see VIVE, Rift, RiftDK2.( I guess rift means Riftcv1)
    All drivers are the latest as of today 27.05.2016.
    Any idea?
    Do i need to install additional software for the rift? (like SDK or runtime ?)or does the Rift installer has included all needed software? I am stuck.


    @Ralph during patiently waiting for your support i found some odd behaviour of your voprx.
    WIn 10 latest update as of 28.05.2016
    Rift cv1
    Oculus app latest release as of 20.05.2016
    GTX 980ti SLI disabled

    1.i have my games installed in a folder other than drive c:( installed in E:)
    2.i need to have voprx installed in c:\programs86\animation

    3.i cant start vorpx with administrator rights , even i make it available in program settings, if logged in as user1 and not as administrator.
    so i have to login as administrator in order to get a game running.
    (GTA5 doesnt work atall its says: GT5-exe not found)
    If i login as user1 and start the games from the drive they are installed vorpx monitor does not show up, and vorpx sends the message: vorpx cant initialize your oculus rift. Reported error:( just blank)


    If you are using multiple users on your PC, please make sure to give your everyday user admin rights during the vorpX install. Otherwise vital files will end up in the admin user’s user directory, making vorpX non-functional for your normal user account.

    After doing this make sure to start both vorpX and your games with your normal user to not run into similar problems when running the games.

    I would generally advise against a distinct admin user. Since Windows Vista and the introduction of UAC that is not necessary anymore for security reasons. It more or less only makes sense in a corporate environment where admins often restrict rights to install programs and access system functionality for normal users.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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