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    Per title, I bought for this game but it doesn’t work. When launching, steam says the game does not support VR. Vorpx has been set to SteamVR mode and is run as administrator.

    Can someone confirm how to fix or should I request a refund?


    You don’t need a fix, the game needs to be launched normally, not through steamVR (it sounds like that is what you are trying to do. As long as VorpX is running, just start the game normally and it should hook. Assuming that you don’t have any other problems (Antivirus blocking VorpX, etc.) it should work perfectly. You shouldn’t need to run Steam or the game in Administrator Mode. If you just want to run steam or the game in administrator mode, then you need to have VorpX run in administrator mode also. The setting is in VorpX Config, in the general tab.


    Hi I am launching it manually from steam. However, steamVR was open in the background.

    I have got it working, but theres multiple issues.

    The most horrendous one is that the game is through a square window.. it’s a very visible square with black around about 30% of the field of view. The second issue, which might be just the stalker game… is that the binoculars are apparently in the dead centre of the world (which also seems really really small scale):

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    After leaving the bunker at the start, you get some binoculars… these being center means I literally cant see where I’m going LOL.


    Press Delete on your keyboard while in the game to open up the vorpX menu. Play around with the various settings. Maybe try Cinema Mode? Or one of the other modes. And I think you should be able to paly around with the field of view in a few of those video modes…

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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