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    Im kind a new to this and im tryin to get vorpX to work in star citizen, bu i cant get to work. All i get is flat img and i only see front of ship panel and when i turn around i see black color.

    How do i get this working so i can turn my head around and see other parts of my ship?

    I did try all those tutorials from youtube, downloaded all profiles and still cant get it to work.

    plz help, thenx



    Disclaimer in advance: Star Citizen is not officially supported due to it’s alpha state, the provided profile may break at any time. Hence the message in that regard on every game start.

    The only profile that is capable of producing Stereo 3D with Alpha 3.0 is the semi official profile that is already activated when you install vorpX (or its equivalent cloud profile by author [vorpX]). All other cloud profiles are for SC Alpha 2 as far as I’m aware. You can restore the original profile in the vorpX config app on the trouble shooting page.

    You can then switch between Z3D (‘less’ 3D, fast) and G3D (more natural 3D, slower) in the vorpX ingame menu. The option is called ‘3D Reconstruction’.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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