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    Am downloading at the moment, has anyone tried with Vorpx as yet ? 1.3 broke Vorpx’s ability to play it – would be great to get a patch for 1.3/2.0 ?


    Disclaimer: Star Citizen is not officially supported by vorpX due to still being in heavy development.

    That said, it still crashes with the public alpha 2.0 that is available since yesterday. Will be looked into and fixed if it’s easily fixable, but no promises.

    In the meantime you should be able to display it in the Rift with the vorpX desktop viewer, provided you are on Win8 or 10.

    1. Start the desktop viewer
    2. Right click the vorpX tray icon, choose “Pause Watcher”
    3. Start the game in borderless window mode

    This is not ideal in multiple ways as the desktop viewer is not meant for playing games, but may be better than nothing.


    Anything? The hole purpose of buying VorpX.


    Star Citzen never has been officially supported by vorpX and won’t while it is in alpha.

    It *may* work again normally at some point in the future, until then you can use the desktop viewer like described above.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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