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    I wonder if anyone can help. i have star citizen all set up in vr, running geometry , its all working fine apart from some flickering lights, however after about a minute or so, the picture seems to reset to a more flat image and nothing i do in the settings when i press delete, has any effect. I dont know if its something im doing wrong
    Thanks in advance


    First the usual Star Citizen disclaimer that preceeds every reply regarding the game: due to its ever changing alpha state the game is not supported by vorpX. Like its start message says the profile is provided purely for those who want to experiment. That is doubly true for Geometry 3D mode, which is quite likely to break with a new SC update.

    That said, I’ll look into the game again before the next larger vorpX update. If there is an issue that can be fixed, it will fixed, but there is no guarantee for that (see above).

    For the time being please switch to the default Z3D mode, which judging from other users’ feedback still seems to work.


    Thanks for your reply, Now i know its not me messing things up il do as suggested

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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