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    Just purchased the Vorpx and its been great! Tried to run Star Wars: Battlefront with no luck. Tried all the recommended general hints and I still can’t see the far left side. Not seeing the options I can’t see select options or my in game map. FOV is set to max in the game settings and if I minimize the zoom all the way in Vorpx in game menu, all it does is make it a floating screen where I can now barely see the left side. Does anyone have recommended settings or a game profile?


    Hey, I don’t have battlefront on PC but thinking of trying it out. I do however see at least 4 profiles in the online profiles for the game through Vorpx, follow the steps below if you havn’t tried loading up any of those profiles yet:

    step 1
    Open Vorpx

    Step 2
    click “cloud profiles” on left

    step 3
    type in name of game “Battlefront” under the “Game/App” field (note: if you havn’t logged in with a user name you will have to make this now before it loads in online profiles)

    step 4
    select one to try

    step 5
    click “import profile” button


    How has your experience been with Star Wars Battlefront?

    Have you had issues with VorpX not initializing when you launch SWB? I’ve gone through all the steps of starting vorpx, installing and applying the SWB profile (have tried each of the ones listed), but vorpx more often than not does not start and the game launches in a window instead of being directed to the Rift. Other games haven’t had this problem.

    Also, have you had issues with the movement (left joystick) not responding in-game after you move the mouse?

    I think I’ve seen what you mention about a floating frame. I’ve noticed this several times when you click the middle-mouse button to zoom in/out of 3d, sometimes it pops-up new secondary window in front of the larger 2d window instead of going back into the 3d display.


    Hello Ralf, I have the Battlefront 1 (2015) and some time ago it was seen with a very deep 3D and is currently seen in 2D.

    Could you help me and give me the new settings please?

    Has anything changed in the game or VorpX?

    The Battlefront is original and I have HTC VIVE.

    Thanks.Sergio (Spain) (Google translator)


    Is there a way to run BF2 in VR with VorpX?
    You have settings for me?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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