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    I’m not too much into Star Wars, always have been more of a Trekkie so I didn’t buy this one. But there’s a sale on Steam now, Squadrons, Jedi and Battlefront 2 for 40 euro.
    So I just did Jedi with Vorpx and well.. that is my best Vorpx experience so far. In immersive mode the 3d is great, things were popping out right from the start and the first sequence in Immersive mode was nothing short of spectacular.
    Well worth a buy now that it’s on sale :)


    it does look amazing in vr, some planets also have very nice and natural colors/lighting that looks even better in vr, usually such results are only achieved with things like reshade because games like fancy color schemes.

    Totally recommend the game, it also runs well on my 1070 while looking that good


    It’s absolutely stunning in VR. I played HL: Alyx prior to Fallen Order, and the latter still won my GOTY 2020 award!


    I´ve only played through the first level but holy s*** this looks good on my G2. 2560×1440 on epic setting on z-normal mode and its kinda like watching an animated Star Wars movie. Hopefully this cinematic ride goes through the whole game.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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