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    This short setup guide will get KOTOR2 running properly in VorpX so you can have the best 3D experience possible.

    1. Disable movies if the game crashes. You will have to go into the .ini file to do so.

    Edit the swkotor2.ini file using notepad in the game installation folder and in the [Display] section change “Disable Intro Movies” from 0 to 1.
    Then: add “Disable Movies=1” at the bottom in the [Game Options] section.

    2. For 3D settings you can find my KOTOR2 profile in the VorpX Cloud by Legaiaflame (just search for Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2). In the VorpX (Delete) settings menu I have found that Cinema Mode looks best. In more 3D options 3D FOV Enhancement will move the camera closer or farther away from you; I set it to 0.85. Head Tracking Multiplier should be set to 0.50 (found in the other VorpX menu options) and in Head Tracking Settings set the head tracking to on; that way you can look around when in first person camera mode (Capes Lock) In Image Settings set Clarity to full and Sharpen Amount to 2.00.

    3. In the actual in-game settings turn off Frame Buffer Effects. This will get rid of all the horrible bloom and glare coming off of lights and certain objects. I believe this game as well as the original KOTOR is best played with a keyboard and mouse so don’t forget to map your player and minigame controls accordingly.


    Environment and Character HD Textures

    I like to use KOTOR 2 UNLIMITED WORLD TEXTURE MOD and Ultimate Character Overhaul -REDUX-
    Just drop both MODS (All of the files not the folders) in KOTOR2’s Override folder

    3. Grass transparency glitch with World Texture MOD and how to fix in VorpX:

    One thing to take note is in the World Texture mod there will be a fix for grass transparency. But in VorpX this doesn’t work unless you do what I’m about to explain:

    Take the two Opengl files found in the AMD Transparency Fix folder and Copy them to your KOTOR2 directory/Installation folder where the main game .exe can be found. Just like he explains in the readme. Now:

    Edit opengl32.ini with notepad and you will see this:

    // Forces alpha to coverage instead of alpha test
    ForceAlphaToCoverage = 1

    Change the 1 to a 0 like this:

    // Forces alpha to coverage instead of alpha test
    ForceAlphaToCoverage = 0

    and go to file and save before closing.

    Also, Enable anti-aliasing (in-game or otherwise), this is required for the technique to work and the higher the better transparency
    Enjoy proper Standing Grass Textures

    HD Skyboxes

    Also, one other MOD I would like to mention is the High Quality Skyboxes II mod. This looks pretty stunning. You can find it on the Steam KOTOR2 Workshop or here:

    Supposedly, it is supposed to be installed before leaving Citadel Station but if you have any other problems you can uninstall it from the Steam Workshop by unsubscribing from it.

    This should be all you need to have the best KOTOR2 3D VorpX experience! Have Fun!!

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