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    hi guys every time i try loading it crashes and ideas its hangs then i get in red the frame rate very low
    i have zotac 1080ti
    intel i7 8700k oc 5 ghz
    ? please help
    vorp ex did update btw


    Your trying Battlefront 2 2017 correct?

    Make sure your running the game in dx11 mode and that you didn’t disable Optimize Game Settings in vorpX config app.

    I don’t get crashes, but I do notice it takes ridiculously long to load into the title screen each time I launch the game. Only the loading ball top right corner shows that it is not frozen.

    If you can manage to open the delete key menu before crashing, you could try switching to Z-normal 3D instead of Geometry and see if that helps.


    yep 2017 ok ill have a look


    Also make sure to reduce the graphics details in the game options. That pretty much applies to all games. Playing a game with vorpX is more demanding than playing it on your monitor, so for newer games you have to reduce the graphics details to get a decent framerate.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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