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    I Cant run any apps trough steam Vr.
    I Got Riftcat app on the computer and headset that wont connect and trinus apps installed that wont connect gamepad support thats blocked and htc_rr thats blocked and steam vr keeps blocking them everytime i restart no matter if i unblock them.
    Iam trying to get to run pc games on the Lenovo Mirage Solo bussiness edition headset.
    To make things even worse i cant pair the headset via tethered mode with cable becouse they removed the Mtp file sharing function via usb so you only got the choice run usb as Midi or for charging
    so wify is the only option that remains and the only app that works is steamlink and i dont fancy running games on a viritual desktop.
    It does install the drivers for usb connection but it doesent show up as a device besides the hardrive.
    This companys that make money out of monopolising industries and strangle hardware have no shame.
    They take peoples money and run and dont deliver.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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