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    The Steam sale is on now! I’d love to buy some games. Do you have any info you can share on what new games might be supported next version?


    The next upate will be mostly about two new features (and a bunch of smaller ones): controller support and Direct VR. I have about two dozen new games in my Steam account that I bought over the last months as possible candidates, but since implementing the new stuff took longer than it should have, looking into the games will have to wait until early next year. So nothing I can recommend specifically for the current Steam sale beyond what’s already on the list.


    Hello Ralf,

    this is my first message but i’ve been using vorpx since i got my htc vive back in last april.

    first, i’d like to thank you for creating this amazing piece of software, i had a lot of fun with many games thanks to your software.

    but i have one question concerning your answer to this post, what do you mean by “controller support” ? will we be able to use htc vive controllers with vorpx with the next update ? that’d be so great !

    thanks !


    Ralf’s response when I asked the same question:

    “@ DiverTough: vorpX can’t alter the basic control scheme that a game uses unfortunately. Unless a game supports separated aim/look either by itself (which almost no game does) or through a mod, aim and look/walk direction will stay linked to each other. Changing that would require either access to the source code or – in a handful of games with exceptional modding capabilities – a mod.

    TLDR: Aim and look/walk direction will stay linked to each other in almost all games since vorpX can’t change how a game’s basic control scheme is working.”

    So I take this to mean that for gaming it will be for button emulation only. No aiming or swinging a battle axe with our vive-motes.


    No direct/decoupled control of weapons, but a fairly sophistcated and intuitive to use keyboard/mouse/gamepad emulation. Fun wise the difference between actually swinging an axe with the controller and faking to do so while pressing a button at the same time is surprisingly small. The important thing is to have your hands free, which alone is like night and day compared to hands being fixed in front of you on a keyboard or gamepad.

    • Both Vive And Touch controllers will have two usage modes: controllers can act either as keyboard/mouse or as Xbox gamepad, so almost every game will be covered one way or the other. Although not enough physical buttons are available, a full Xbox gamepad incl. D-Pad is mapped to the controllers using a shift button.
    • The rendered ingame controllers always show the current key mapping, which makes this as intuitive as possible. Especially useful in keyboard/mouse mode – no need to memorize what is mapped to what. If in doubt, you can simply look at the controller.
    • Different modes for the Vive pad mouse emulation (either as a touchpad or as emulated thumbstick).
    • Fully configurable ingame via the vorpX menu.
    • Optimized keyboard mappings for a few very important games. More to follow later. The default keyboard/mouse config allows basic operation (walk/shoot/use etc.) with all first person games that use common input scheme standards.
    • Xbox-gamepad mode is mostly zero-conf and should just work with most games that allow a gamepad to be used together with vorpX.

    Thank you for your fast answer Ralf !

    can’t wait for that next update to arrive :D on the paper, it looks very interesting !

    it will definitively be better than playing with a xbox controller or keyboard/mouse, more intuitive, adding to the already great immersion.

    to make it clearer, if you tried doom 3 bfg VR mode, will we be able to use htc vive controllers the same way with games supported by vorpx like let’s say crysis 1 ? i’m fine with not being able to have decoupled controls, it’s the same thing in doom 3 bfg vr mode no ?


    I haven’t played that mod, sorry. What vorpX does (or from your perspective will do shortly ;) ) is mapping game controls to the Vive wands/Oculus Touch either as keyboard/mouse or gamepad, so you can play most games with the VR controllers. You’ll be able to find out how exactly it works before the end of the year.

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