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    Can anybody write a short “How to use vorpX with Steam” and add this to the FAQ?

    I tried some games and could not run any game.
    For example I own Elder Scrolls Online on Steam and without Steam (same account). It works fine using vorpX without steam, but running it with steam there is the error: OpenVR runtime init failed. Connect to VR Server Failed (301) (301)

    Running Skyrim VR with Steam works perfectly :)
    I tried some settings (Oculus Rift and SteamVR )
    I own an Oculus Rift.
    Nearly all games I want to play I own on Steam AND I have a physical copy without steam (I just love my Steam library and Steam sales :D ), so it is no problem for me, it just would be convenient

    Many thanks


    You shouldn‘t have to do anything special when using Steam. Most people play there games on Steam and of course it‘s also the main store used for development.

    if you use an Oculus headset, it‘s usually best to run vorpX in Oculus mode. SteamVR also works, but using the Oculus API is recommended with an Oculus headset.


    Yes I got it running, than I had avira antivirus remove vorpx (it does this regulary), so I had to install it new (vorpX_WebSetup.exe)- and avaira removed it again :P
    But no error, vorpX just does not work – but after restarting vorpx, it could not start again – error 4 (file not found :P )
    So it is not the problem of vorpX, it is the problem of my Windows (and my antivirus program).
    Reinstalling meant: getting a “new” license – but request code was the same as last time, so the old license worked.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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