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    There is no contest here… Vorpx has a much nicer looking theater, can play 3d movies and any games (some in 3d) and the image quality is great.

    With steam virtual cinema the game image is so blurry i find the experience too unpleasant.

    Nevertheless people are praising virtual cinema on steam through ignorance. They haven’t tried vorpx…

    Which brings me on to the purpose of this post:

    Demo! – That word Ralf hates.

    When I tell people on forums about vorpx it’s hard to get them to commit to something they’ve never tried.

    You need a cut down time limited demo that can’t be hacked to full by pirates.

    You could have the virtual theater playing only a demo video showing a game being played in the virtual theater as well as video and desktop. Rather than giving a fully functional time limited demo you’d just be giving a vorpx demo that won’t play anything other than this one demo video.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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