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    On the SteamVR Video page there is a setting called like Apllication Resolution which confuses me a bit. If its it not bypassed SteamVR recommends a setting like 58%. – When i “bypass” that i can move the slider below up to 500%.

    – Is this setting is relevant for VorpX at all?
    – if not whats the correct setting ?
    For example my game is running at 3200×1800, when i have the setting at 100% it says 2016×2240 for each eye which would be lower then my gamesetting.
    I wonder if i need to adjust that each time i run a new game or can i ignore that with VorpX ?



    Leave it at the value Steam suggests or at least do not raise it above 100%. The important resolution for vorpX image quality wise is the actual game resolution. The second pass resolution for rendering to the headset – which this value affects – should be the normal headset resolution to not waste unnecessary resources without gaining anything.


    I am not shure and i dont want to raise any trouble but somehow my steamVR + vorpX update seems to make image quality slighty worse to before. When turning up that slider all the way to 500% the image seems to become noticably clearer to me. Note: I have the Vive Pro, may be that has something to do with it.

    I wonder how everyone elses impression is in regard of sharpnes after steam has introduced the motion smoothnes stuff (not available on Win7 which i am using).


    The benefit drop really quickly once you go above your headset resolution, but it does make a hell of a big difference if you drop too low XD.

    Personally i like 200% when combined with game rendering in 2160p, that usually gets me the best readability on my pimax 4k once scaled back down.


    With the vice pro its really hard to come to proper conclusion. After testing around for some hours this morning it seems the “advanced supersampling filter – enabled” makes a better image while -application resolution- is set to 100%. But mostly important each time you put on the pro the image looks different in regard of sharpness. That may sound funny but because of the high resolution of the Headset together with the bad lenses you have to exactly meet the sweetspot for a sharp image. Ok, may i am overdoing it but i personally measure the sharpness on TEXT areas.

    As far i understand now application resolution is nothing else than the supersampling setting in older steamvr versions. Quite confusing, they should have just left it the way is was before.

    Reading this still made me a bit suspicious on how the pro would be treated on a GTX970 for eample.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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