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    STEEP (G3D)

    This profile adds a G3D option along side the existing Z3D, and is intended for FullVR mode. 3D Scale is set to look best with the GoPro first-person cam, though you can always increase the 3D strength if you prefer 3rd person to pop more. I can’t really recommend you play entirely in first-person (as you have no control of head movement which may make you feel sick or disoriented), but it is neat to experience flips or wipe-outs on occasion.

    I have disabled as many problematic dynamic shadows as I could find, though not all areas nor DLC has been tested. Some minor glitches may still remain, but things are looking pretty good in early game. Performance is not the best optimized, so low resolution and settings are recommended. Enjoy.

    – use a 16:9 resolution (1920×1080) to avoid squish
    – set shadows to Low
    – Medium to Low settings recommended

    *Adjustable HUD
    *Can Hide HUD in game options
    *Press 3 when moving to try First-person cam
    *Z3D also available, but might not work with Ultra settings
    *Tested on HP Reverb with mouse and keyboard


    Thanks a million times Dellrifter for your answer to my request and your work on this profile.
    I think many other users will enjoy this profile.
    Respect !



    i’ve just tried your profile and one only word : Awesome!
    To those who would like to play using their gamepad , just turn off head tracking and you ‘re good to go.
    I use DS4windows tu use my ps4 controller and it works beautifully.

    Again thaaaaaaannnnnnnk you Dellrifter 22 you’re my hero !

    Ps : If you have extra free time can you try to make a MGS phantom pain profile ?
    For now you make a man happy.


    I’m glad you are enjoying it. It took a while to figure out the snow terrain, but it finally worked out nicely. I only wish there was a free look mode or some mod that gave us headtracking control with the gopro cam, would make the first-person view so much better.

    As for MGSV, I’m afraid it still is not possible for vorpX to hook this game. I spent a couple hours trying different things today, as I have tried many times over the past few years, but no luck. There is some trickery with how it launches that vorpX does not like, and Ralf has been aware of this already.

    It’s seem vorpX gets confused and tries to hook two simultaneous instances but fails both. I don’t know if there is some simple way to prevent this, but I assume Ralf has tried. I’ve read that Reshade coders had trouble hooking this game in the early days,(something about the game mixing both dxgi 1.0 and 1.1), but they soon figured it out.

    But I’ve tried everything I can think of, so we would have to wait and see when Ralf is willing to check it out once more.


    Ok thanks again for your time and work.
    MGS 5 works really well with 3dvision but you have to stick to an old version of the Nvidia drivers.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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