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    1. Open vorpX /right click vorpX icon in bottom right hand corner of Windows 10 and select “Pause Watcher”.
    2. Open vorpX Desktop Viewer /press DEL to open settings /go to Image Settings, set Stereo Type to “Side by Side” /go to Hand Controller Settings and set Controller Mode to “Gamepad”.
    3. Open SOTTR /open Display Settings, set DIRECTX 12 to “ON” /set Stereoscopic to “Side by Side” /leave Stereoscopic 3D-Separation at default(4 slider increments to the right) /set Stereoscopic Popout to 7 slider increments to the right, for realistic life size world.

    Enjoy better FPS.

    Anonymous VR

    If it is a good configuration, then it is possible to use DX12 that makes the difference.

    I can add a suggestion…, it is possible to add Shadow of the Tomb Raider executable “SOTTR.exe” as an excluded program, this way VorpX will not hook when you run the game.

    You can use FoundationGameCamera to change the FOV



    Thanks, folks. Will check it out.

    2 quick questions:
    Is it safe to assume this method could work on Rise of the Tomb Raider as well?
    And is the stereoscopic improved with DX12 somehow? I had previously noticed it to be a bit inferior to Vorpx’s native G3D.


    Finally tried this recommendation and it worked wonderfully.

    Definitively better performance with DX12 it seems, and clarity too.
    Need powerful gear to push this but the quality is excellent.

    To answer my own question above, it does work the same with Rise of the TR. Though shadows seem to become quite offset in that one.

    DX12 mode seems to cap at 60fps even you force it off via Nvidia Control panel. Chime in if you know how to bypass this.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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