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    reinstalled vorpx, without anti virus etc running. stereo driver control fails with a popup, and vorpxcontrol64.dat dissapears from the list of processes.

    this happens each and every time and because of this, vorpx wont show correctly in gta v.

    what’s causing this? been to reddit etc but nothing i do works, yet others have it working off the bat.


    Also, arma 3 and payday 2 work. It’s only GTA V that does not. anything look out of the ordinary? i’ve remove the sweetfx folder and a sweetfx file, but i cant remember how the standard folder is meant to look like. bumping because im about done at the moment trying to solve this. Normally a patient man.


    Your problem is that vorpControl64.dat is not running. Without it vorpX cannot hook into GTA V.

    The most likely cause of it crashing is a virus scanner interfering.

    You may want to try reinstalling vorpX with your web installer, yesterday a hotfix was released. It addressed something completely different, but *maybe* you are lucky and by coincidence it helps you.

    It’s more likely though that something on your PC interferes with vorpX.

    Also please do not open multiple threads for the same problem. This clutters the forum and doesn’t help anyone. Thanks.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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