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    Hello all, thanks for clicking.

    After playing several hours in Mass Effect I have come to miss an age old classic option from nvidia 3d vision users. The ability to dynamically change the convergence by the press of a button.

    The Mass Effect profile for vorpx is quite good for one outstanding event. The parallax on cutscenes or conversations is way too close. I’ve found that the in-game vorpx setting for stereo strength of 0.30 is close to perfect. (default value of 1.00)

    The best work-around currently (and fastest) is to simply alt+x to disable g3d but this detracts from immersion. Good stereo in all aspects is highly preferable.

    Request is to allow vorpx to allow a custom set of stereo strength to X value by a key stroke and revert by another, there by allowing a user to change the value on the fly. You can surely hit del button and manually adjust this value but in a game which you are going in and out of a conversation it becomes overly burdensome. Thanks for reading.


    I agree.
    Indeed, report the same problem some time ago for Mass effect.
    Also another little graphical problem added in the sky, during Eden Prime, and during the screen of beginning in the game.
    I do not know for the moment, if this second, with packages of textures or effects, added in the game, could be solved or not, but the vanilla version suffers this problem with Vorpx in my pc today.

    During dialogs, I think the problem is, because Vorpx can not differentiate, when it is in a dialog and when not. I also “solve it provisionally”
    Pressing Alt-X, but it’s a bit annoying.

    Ideally, try an update for Vorpx with some formula to differentiate them, or deactivate automatically when detected.
    Inventory items, in some RPG games, also suffer similar problems, so we always need to resort to pressing Alt-X or move to Z-buffer mode in order to interact comfortably in them.

    Probably, there is no standard formula to detect this in all games, but if there is a possibility at least for some, or the most important games, it is worth a try.


    I also agree with this. It is much better to be able to set the convergence to your liking. I also wish the stereo strength in vorpx went higher as default value of 1.0 differs in depth from game to game.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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