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    Morning Ralf, Welcome to Friday!

    Trying to get Strike Fighters 2 with Oculus Commercial version (running on an i7 4970K, Win7 SP2 machine with a Zotac 1070 AMP edition video) running and the Vorpx is essentially ignoring the SF2 completely. I’ve gotten the system working rudimentarily working with ROF and to the menus with Falcon BMS 4.33 (no 3D accees yet, obviously and why DOES it say that there’s a BMS profile already existing, but not reference to it in the config area!!??), but not getting anything at all out of Strike Fighters 2 (North Atlantic as a start), just the message in the Oculus screen that it’s ‘taking too long and to check the app in Windows…’).

    SF2 is running as DX10 minimum req’s, but compatible with DX11+. I’ve tried going in and copying, locally, a profile for something that was a DX9-10 basis profile, assigning the SF2 .exe file and saving, but I can’t get the options in the config to allow for the FOV, forcing DX version compatibility, etc., even with the ‘Advanced’ options checked. Since I can’t get the .exe to pull up in the VR, at all, I can’t use the in-line menu display system to edit anything to try. Is there some place that all of that can be manually edited for the entire profile for the .vpp/.vpr files as a line item edit? What editor needs to be used?

    SF2 would be really nice to get working in VR as the cockpits are at times very well built and detailed in the 3D models and well rendered hi-res skins for doing 3D steroscopic display…. plus there’s no other sims out there currently doing 60’s-70’s a/c -;7.

    Any ideas or have you or anyone else gotten either Strike Fighters 2 or the earlier Wings over Vietnam, Europe, Isreal, etc. ( working with the VorpX/Oculus?

    Also, any other help we can all get trying to get Falcon 4.x behaving would also be appreciated, greatly!!!!!! We all dearly want our Bouncing Baby Vipers to work in VR!!

    Thanks for the hand and have a great weekend!



    Never heard of Strike Fighters 2 before TBH, but I will look into it. Falcon 4: there is a hidden profile because some experiments were made with the game in the past, and it just doesn’t work right, so a hidden profile is used to disable it completely. I will revisit the matter at some point out of personal curiosity, but for now there actually is no way to make it work unfortunately.


    Cool, let us know if we can help in any way, Ralf, there’s plenty of us that’d love for it to work!!

    There’s also a forum over on for Strike Fighters, as well, that has guys on it that are very familiar with the sim’s engine and framework and might be able to answer more technical questions about it than I.

    Thanks for the time,



    Hi Guys,

    If you ever do get SF2 to work with the CV1 please do let me know as I will not hesitate to purchase VopX.

    As Scott already mentioned, SF2 is a great sim with a lot of potential for VR.




    Nothing as of yet, Derek. Do you know if there is a seperate .exe that the actual 3D in-game engine uses and employs in-cockpit, as opposed to a ‘launcher’ .exe? I’ve not poked TK over at Third Wire yet, to be sure. As of now, I’ve not had any luck with SF2, unfortunately. Ralf said he was going to look into it and see what he could see. But more of us looking at it the better.



    Unfortunately I was not successful in locating a separate .exe other than the launcher .exe..
    I did a fair amount of google search to see if anybody had been able to get SF2 to work with Oculus and this is the only post I found:
    Not much information in this post but if we believe this guy, he was able to get it to work…

    Hopefully Ralf will get back to us with some good news.


    Hello gentlemen, had anyone any luck runing the Strike fighter 2 or 1 using the software with vive vr?


    A friend of mine had successfully developed a DirectX 10 profile for Third Wire’s Strike Fighters 2 series games. I tried it out and it worked as well as could be expected. I got his permission and uploaded it to the Cloud profiles. You should be able to find it there by searching for Game/App “Strike” where it will be listed as: “Strike Fighters 2 DX10 [streakeagle]”. Good luck.

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