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    Hello every one, Hi Ralf, I am stucked with an unusual issue: wherever I look and move my headset, the screen continues to follow. In the theater mode, the cinema room follows along when I make a head movement, so does the screen in Vorpx Desktop. It is litterally like i had a screen right in front of my eyes that follows all my head movement. that completly kills the immersion, I am stucked in this situation in every mode whatever the profile. I am pretty sure I didnt have that issue before, did I just miss-hit a button (hotkey?). Did anyone already have experienced this before? any hint or help? Thanks to the good souls that will come to my rescue! Cheers


    I had this happen the other day. A reboot fixed it for me.


    Sounds more like a general tracking issue than something vorpX related. Does tracking work in other VR apps?


    Just Found the key to my issue: In vorpX configuration Panel, in General Settings, below Device Selection in Device Settings, the “enable head tracking” option was unchecked. I think I have accidentally unchecked it but everything came back to order after I checked it back…. thanks anyways for your kinf help guys, hope this will help anyone with the same issue.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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