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    Not sure if its VorpX update or the FOV mod, but I did notice a stuttering this time while playing RDR2. It happens up close to things, like being indoors looking at stuff. Its minor, doesn’t bother me much. Just reporting it in case anyone else notices it too, or its a newly introduced thing.


    If you raise the FOV of a game, both your CPU and GPU have more work to do, so a lower framerate is perfectly normal, which makes issues like stutter more likely. There have been no changes to the D3D12 portion at all, just the cahnges mentioned in the changelog.

    BTW: I often find WMR headsets to be considerably more prone to stutternwith vorpX than other headsets. Fluid Sync can help a bit here.


    Hey Ralf,
    Yes I’m aware of that. However this isn’t is that, as it only stutters when up close to items, or staring at a wall 3 feet in front of you in First Person mode. Not at all in open settings with trees buildings and people where normal framerate issues would occur.
    Could be the mod, or something else by the sound of it. Perhaps the game itself doesn’t like its FOV changed the way its being changed.
    Anyhow, its a non-issue, I only mention it for posterity in case others ran into it as well. If I determine what it is, I’ll update.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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