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    I get judder/stutter in skyrim, when activating the automatic headtracking feature, like the game resets the image a bit.
    The game works “smooth” with normal headtracking.

    Also the FPS counter is always below 90 (often lower than game fps), when fluid sync is disabled and I occasionally get judder (especially when the game fps are near 90).


    Found the cause for the stuttering.
    It seems the headtracking scan causes stutter, when the framerate is below 45 or near 90 fps.
    Manual headtracking isn’t affected by this.

    The fps counter is still wrong though.


    If you use Windows 10 Anniversary: the current Direct Head Tracking implementation does not work correctly with Windows 10 Anniversary, resulting in stutter. The next vorpX will do this in a different way that also works on Win 10 Anniversary.

    If the Direct Mode FPS is constantly below 90fps, you need to reduce the load on your GPU for example by reducing game details, resolution, switching to Z3D. Also please leave FluidSync enabled if disabling it makes things worse. If it is enabled per default on your headset, that is done for a reason.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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