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    So description says VorpX works out of box and I’m assuming there’s no “update” that’s needed where the devs actually need to manually do anything to each game. The “manual update” is only for 3d stereo support? Otherwise it should work AUTOMATICALLY the second most 3D games are released?

    So it would work for Subnautica and most other 3D games for Vive (when support for Vive from vorpx is out)? This is the title I’m waiting for to play VR in but the devs of Subnautica doesn’t have a date when it will support Vive so I’m just hoping VorpX is there first :)

    Out of curiosity, will VorpX work exactly the same way as a game without VR support? Example, say Subnautica’s update now supports Rift but would VorpX have the exact support if Subnautica’s devs didn’t offically alter their program to support Rift? Controls all same? Another way of asking this is, what’s the difference: A game that officially supports Rift (no VorpX needed) versus a game that doesn’t have VR support but as VorpX installed?


    For Stereo 3D a game has to be supported. vorpX also tries to hook all other DX9-DX11 and OpenGL games though, which often works. In this ‘unupported mode’ there is no stereo 3d, but most other VR functionality like head tracking etc. works.

    I can’t say anything in regard to Subnautica specifically though.


    In case someone comes looking, there is now an unofficial profile on the cloud you can try, mentioned here.

    G3D works with good clarity, and mouse/keyboard controls work like standard. A preferable alternative to the native mode in my opinion.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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