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    So playing with Xbox controller on couch or easy chair, it is a real pain to recenter on the keyboard. The motherVR mod for Alien Isolation fixes this problem by re-centering when you push RB & LB at the same time.

    Could this be possible VorpX maybe?
    And maybe something alike for Direct VR scan?

    It would make things a lot more comfortable! :)


    Incidentally there will be some changes in that regard shortly. Instead of directly opening the vorpX menu with a left thumbstick click you will see a little menu first e.g. with the entries vorpX menu/DirectVR scan/recenter/VR hotkeys that can be selected by looking at them. Similar to the gaze based game hotkey system that currently can’t really be used at all with a gamepad.

    In the meantime there still is a more comfortable option for doing both with a gamepad than using the keyboard shortcuts: the vorpX menu currently has recenter and DirectVR scan (if available) buttons on the main page for quick access.


    That is great news! Thanks for the info Ralph!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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