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    I just had this recently again and so I m writing this.

    Was making a custom profile for a new game based on popular engine (unity this time), after trying several profiles I find one that works, there is depth, but very slight and even cranking geometry to 5 difference is almost none. I try another one and in comparison its works so well first success might as well not have been G3D at all.

    I get that geometry slider for official profiles is fine tuned to have good 3D on 1.0 value and just lets players adjust it in limits set by Ralf within reason. But it seems that when applied to other games the base 1.0 and scale you can crank it up can be miniscule.

    TL/DR: so my suggestion is to have a geometry slider multiplier (maybe in configure menu on screen, not in vr) when you copy official profile and make your own.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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