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    I found the “Home Cinema”, idea cool, but could you also make a mode, where the screen edges are blurred, so that it seems like the game shows in your whole fov ? like this
    Because I noticed that most people don`t even notice that the edges are only repeatet and blurred.

    And than I have a few other questions:

    1. Can Vopx display unsupported games in more or less good 3D, after the update ?

    2. Will the be a profile creater in the future, so that the vorpx users can make there own 3D profiles ?

    3. Will there be a fix for the “stretched edges” (The distortion occuring when looking around), because it makes me sick and breaks the immersion for me.

    4. And will there be a HUD detection, so that you can move it around ? (I know that this is difficult to make, but I also know that it is possible and necessary)


    Something similar is already there (the ambience scene described in the blog post).

    Doing it exactly like shown in your image is pretty distracting. Experimented with that a long time ago, before vorpX was even called vorpX. Main reason for that is your brain: peripheral vision is highly sensitive to motion. Fooling the brain with a repeating pattern (that moves when you turn your head) in the peripheral part of the FOV is impossible. Looks quite bad.

    Something that just consists of colors without any real structure like in the ambience mode however works a lot better as it doesn’t trigger the ‘motion detection’ in your brain.


    Ok, didn`t know that.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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