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    Hi, I have both a Pimax and another large fov headset which uses canted displays. I know that parallel projections technically works for pimax, but for other wide FOV headsets, there is not that option, we just get non superimposed images and cannot use vorpx at all. I started a thread over here on how to add support for wide FOV headsets without requiring parallel projections to be ‘on’ in Pimax headsets as well. Ralf, would you please have a look at this thread, you might be able to implement these changes without too much trouble into Vorpx, making it more appealing for Pimax users and also usable for other wide/canted FOV headset users such as myself.


    While that would work for native games, for vorpX things are a bit different since first games are rendered with their own projection matrices (except for applying stereo and positional offsets in G3D games) and then, in a second step, vorpX renders the image to the headset. Only in this second step vorpX could handle canted displays itself. While that would help in Cinema/Immersive Screen mode, in FullVR mode it wouldn’t really help much since the game has already been rendered with parallel ‘cameras’.

    What vorpX would have to do instead for FullVR mode is implementing something similar to Pimax’s ‘Parallel Projections’ method. Should in future more consumer headsets with canted displays arrive, that’s certainly an option. For now however it doesn’t really make too much sense since Pimax already has that option and there isn’t really any other consumer headset that requires it.

    That’s the only answer in this regard I can give you at this point.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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