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    Ive bought vorpx 4-5 days ago and Ive been waiting since for an answer from vorpx support. Ive been only told by the support that this version of vorpx only works on 1.3 oculus runtime only and Ive asked the support to send me an older version that works on 0.8 runtime(which people recommended on the forum to do so if i needed one) because Im not able to upgrade the runtime to the newest version.
    Since then Ive been ignored after multiple mails, asking for help.

    I do not understand what is the problem in answering my mail with donwload link, or no its no possible to get an older version.

    If I dont get an answer soon and an older version I will have to ask for my money back since the software obviously doesn’t work as advertised.

    Thank you.



    As far as I can tell you received an answer to your first mail yesterday about 6 hours after you sent your first support request – on a Sunday.

    Right now everything is pretty busy over here. Please allow three days for answering further e-mails.

    Thanks for your patience.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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