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    Hi Ralf,

    any chance in supporting dx8 games, too?
    Is it even natively possible (shaders)?
    Tried some of my old favorites with the ENB dx8 to dx9 converter and vereio. Only a few are working.

    Take all the time you need for finishing VorpX- as long as it does not take longer than two more weeks ;). My rift order is finally at “processing” :D

    Thanks for your time and effort!
    Waiting to give you my money whenever you feel ready!


    Generally it’s possible, although not by using the same shaders as DX9+ uses, which would have to be simplified severely.

    I’m not even sure anymore whether DX8 supported HLSL or not, I don’t think so. But since I had to do some assembler shader programming for vorpX’s geometry mode lately for the first time after a long time anyway, it would even be fun in a way to do that some more.

    So, no promises. But I will look at it after the initial release.


    What about the ENB wrapper approach?
    Certainly not so much fun than manipulating registers directly in assembler, but probably the “easier” way in making only a wrapper dll and so older games compatible?



    It would certainly be easier to leave all features intact this way. But whether it’s easier overall, well, most likely not. As you experienced yourself with the ENB wrapper, doing a wrapper that with broad compatibility isn’t as easy as it might sound. Definitely something to consider though.


    Sorry for reviving this age old topic, but I wanted to ask if anything changed in your planes to support or not to support DX 8 games and below.
    IMHO old games would win a lot with the RIFT since graphics are a side topic anyways.
    I’m thinking of games like Aquanox, Wingman etc, since those kind of games are especially playable with the Rift.

    If not with Headtracking and other features, a “simple” Viewer for the Rift would be nice, so they can be played with the Rift just as a monitor.

    Then again I do have no idea how much work that is and the support of newer games is of course more important to most.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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