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    New Profile + Guide for SWAT 4: Gold Edition in G3D + Full VR or Immersive/Cinema Mode (your preference)

    After several hours of tinkering, I finally managed to get this beauty of a tactical game working with VorpX with a G3D profile. To get this working, I’ve included the following mini guide.

    1.) Have a fresh install of the game. I already had the following graphical mod installed and based on what I understand, this should not be a requirement. But if interested, here is the link.

    Graphical Enhancement Mod

    2.) The following mod (Swat 4 Elite) is not a must but very strongly recommended for some useful gameplay and VR reasons

    – FOV Slider
    – Ironsights which can be used in conjuction with the one eye feature in VorpX
    – For disabling Crosshair (useless in VR for this game anyway)
    – Integrate the Stetchkov Syndicate DLC
    – A bunch of other things, you can read up on it


    SWAT 4 Elite Mod – Main Files

    SWAT 4 Elite Mod – Patch Files

    One important thing to note, this mod simply has a folder -> SEF and gets copied into the main SWAT IV directory. Combine the main mod file and patch (overwrite any files over main) before you copy the SEF folder to the main game directory. Nothing should be overwritten in your game install and don’t do this! If you overwrite anything there, you will have to re-install the main game. This is a very simple install and does not overwrite anything from your main install.

    3.) Once the mod is installed, run the game first time without VorpX and make the following game settings.You must launch the game using LaunchSEF.bat which can be found

    Your Game Main Folder\SEF\LaunchSEF.bat

    – Set your resolution (I am using a custom resolution 3200 x 2400 which has turn out to be a nice balance for graphic fidelity, text legibility and performance. See notes later in guide about other custom resolutions. Most defaults are already set for 16:9 or widescreen.
    – Must disable Glow Detail
    – Must disable Bump Map Detail
    – Must Hide Crosshair – Check
    – Max out the FOV Slider included in the mod, avoids having to use DirectVR which works but finnicky and doesn’t always work. Using the FOV slider is a more permanent solution, hence the mod.
    – Hide Weapon is optional but I prefer it. Hiding weapon allows for stronger 3D strength and experimentation.
    – Modify your keyboard commands and rebind any that conflicts with your VorpX hot keys. Mainly middle mouse button for me.

    4.) Download my profile from the cloud and you should then be good to go. You must launch the game using LaunchSEF.bat which can be found

    Your Game Main Folder\SEF\LaunchSEF.bat

    My VorpX settings have been carefully made. Obviouly you can adjust anything within Vorpx as you see fit. The height modifier is set to 0 but I actually set it to 0.4 during gameplay and when I am ready to quit I put it back to 0 for main menu. This can impact the viewport so be mindful of this. You’ll see what I mean.

    About Resolutions: You can edit the SwatGuiState.ini for custom resolutions which can be found at this file path

    Your Game Main Folder\SEF\System\SwatGuiState.ini

    You’ll see a set of resolutions that resemble something like mine listed below. Once you make a list like this to include your own. Only change resolutions outside of VorpX or the game will lock up. But once you got your resolution set, you are good to go.


    Final notes: This game is complex and believe me, you will need your keyboard! I use a Logitech G13. Between this and my Logitech game mouse re-programmed, I can operate this game without having to look at my keyboard. There a few caveats that do come with this. When using grenades, turn your head since the screen may become blinding but does dissipate after a few seconds. Also, some of the skyboxes are incorrect, no shaders or authoring can be accessed to deal with them. Edgepeek is a requirement for commanding your blue + red teams and other aspects of game elements such as the view ports. Once a command is issued, simpy get out of edgepeek and watch the action. Really cool stuff. I never get bored of setting off a C2 charge! Thankfully any of the caveats that you encounter are not game breaking. In fact, this really a cool way to play this tactical game. If I come across anything else that is useful, I’ll edit this post. Also, suggestions are always welcomed.

    Have fun!

    Happy New Years



    I’m not able to find your profile on the cloud for some reason :(

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